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2022 reset

Four workshops over four months


Creating and prioritising a culture of wellbeing is more important than ever. Give your team science-based tools to:

/ Maximise productivity, minimise distraction

/ Keep their stress levels in check

/ Respond effectively to emotions

/ Take a self leadership approach

2022 RESET is a workplace programme made up of four, one hour modules, taken in teams to encourage accountability, teamwork and create a sense of connection and trust during this uncertain time.

habits of high performance

Four workshops over four months

The 'four habits of high performance' programme has been designed to  enable your team to build a solid foundation of habits and behaviours that are scientifically proven to boost wellbeing and performance.


As the pandemic continues, so does our stress, anxiety, overwhelm and fears about the future. However, by taking a self-leadership approach toward wellbeing and focusing on things that can be controlled, we can start to rebuild our resilience and boost our health, happiness and performance. 

We are the results of our habits. Design them to get the best out of you


Signature WholeME Packages

Something for everyone. Our three most popular options: 

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