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Kristy von Minden, Founder

Kristy is an accredited Mindfulness teacher with a special interest in
Neuroscience. An experienced facilitator and keynote speaker, Kristy speaks at events and works with some of New Zealand’s biggest businesses, supporting them with their wellness programmes to reduce stress in order to enhance health, happiness, productivity and creativity.


With a Bachelor of Communications, before she moved into the wellness world, Kristy spent 15 years in corporate communications, working with some of New Zealand’s biggest brands and managing a large team. With her extensive corporate background and management experience, Kristy intimately understands the stressors and pressures of the modern workplace, both from a management and from an employee perspective.

Jo van der Walle, Founder

Jo is an accredited coach with a background in instructional design, HR and learning and development. With over eight years’ experience developing, designing and facilitating workshops for some of New Zealand’s leading organisations including developing the wellness programme for one of NZ's largest businesses. 


Jo inspires others to live a healthier, more balanced life. She has a special interest in self-leadership, wellness, self/social awareness and positive psychology.

Her speaking experience varies from facilitating with small groups and leadership teams, right through to keynote speaking to large audiences in the hundreds at industry events. Jo’s University studies included Sport and Recreation at University including papers in Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology and Exercise Principles.

Ailsa McLean, Facilitator

Ailsa is a wellness facilitator with a background in Psychology and Education. Having worked as a Family Therapist and a Teacher, Ailsa has had a multitude of experiences supporting positive wellbeing and helping make sustainable change. In these highly stressful fields, Ailsa knows first-hand the importance of holistic wellbeing, self-care and stress management.


Ailsa is a firm believer that teachers are role models for their students and therefore focusing on teacher wellbeing reflects on to student wellbeing.

She is passionate about motivating others and helping them understand the benefits of emotional regulation, efficiency and mental stamina.


As an experienced facilitator she has equipped herself throughout her career with the tools to inspire others to focus on their health, happiness and effectiveness. 

We have a network of experienced, specialist,  facilitators.

Kristy von Minden and Jo van der Walle.j

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