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WholeME 2021 is a comprehensive, year-long holistic employee wellness programme, designed to optimise employee wellness and performance. Made up of 60-minute mini-modules, our wellbeing workshops are science-based, interactive and grounded in practical everyday examples.  


The modules fall under the following four themes: 

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Physical

  • Internal Drivers (those things that motivate us and give us a sense of purpose).


The future of health is taking a holistic view. We need to consider the individual as a whole for optimal health - recognising all four aspects of wellness. As with any ecosystem, each part is interdependent and relies on the health of the others in order to truly thrive.  

Sustainable high performance is possible - we have the science to back it up

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 Book in your Optomise360 

 workplace wellbeing audit 

Let's make a bespoke programme for you


We understand where you want to be and what is holding you back. 


We design and recommend a bespoke plan for your organisation


We schedule dates and launch the programme


The exciting part.

We assess progress and report back on a bi-annual basis.

Our Optomise360 package follows four simple steps to start the change process 

The in's and out's

A year-long annual corporate wellbeing calendar designed to make your life easier.

Consistent   |     Interconnected    |     Short + Sharp     |     Science-Based

Key Features

  • Holistic approach 

  • Integrated, strategic year-long programme -  keeping wellness top of mind

  • Specialist, qualified facilitators

  • Short, sharp science-based sessions 


  • 45 minutes + 15 Q+A's

  • Maximum of 16 people

  • Hosted onsite - or via Zoom

  • Pre and Post work

  • Designed for your workplace

Key Benefits

  •  Enhances focus, creativity, problem solving, innovation and better decision making

  • Greater resilience, engagement, productivity and retention

  • Compliments an existing H&S Programme

  • Takes a proactive approach to preventing stress, anxiety, burnout and sick leave

  • Supports the demands of Agile working 

Covid Wellness RESET Programme

Image by Brooke Cagle
Marble Surface

Four workshops |

Four Months

Supporting your team's wellbeing post Covid,

as we transition to a new way of working and living

Creating and prioritising a culture of wellbeing is more important than ever. Give your team science-based tools to:

/ Maximise productivity, minimise distraction

/ Keep their stress levels in check

/ Respond effectively to emotions

/ Take a self leadership approach

WholeME Wellness RESET is a workplace programme made up of four, one hour modules, taken in teams to encourage accountability, teamwork and create a sense of connection and trust during this uncertain time.

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