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How can we get your team from surviving to thriving?

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Why Dermalogica choose WholeME over other suppliers?

Why Dermalogica choose WholeME over other suppliers?

Such a great session, the team loved it. Personal, clear, good simple suggestions.

Charlotte McLauchlan 


The presentation was spot on! The presenter had a delightful manner that was refreshingly open.

Alison Twaddle -

Workbase Manager

The presenter brought the most amazing energy. Her wisdom and understanding of these areas really connected with all of us. Kristy has the ability to deliver powerful messages in a way that is easy and enjoyable to comprehend, there were some fantastic golden nuggets.” .

Olivia Moore -

Naveya & Sloane

The content is beautifully simple and backed by scientific research. The practical, no-fuss approach has been one of the factors that made this programme so popular amongst our staff.

Fiona McBryde

Yellow Pages 

We understand your challenges;


value comms to easily communicate the programme and share the vision to get stakeholder sign off.

We speak "stakeholder'


need statistics, case studies and ROI to justify the spend.

Easy, leave it to us


are looking for   experienced, professional well-being partners who they can trust

You are in good hands


love a streamlined, professional comms to launch the programme and ensure employee engagement

We have this ready to go